MEET THE TEAM: Assistant Art Director Tanya Scott

gran_2_v2 ed adjust_crop.png

1.       Describe Dave Spud in 3 words:



Rubbish (but in a good way)

2.       What do you do on the series?

I am the assistant art director on the series.  I create a design pack for the designers at Cloth Cat to reference, when they create the artwork for the episode.  The design pack will include things like key backgrounds, character designs and prop design: as well as any extra notes from Sue (Art Director) and Ed (Director).

3.       What is the most ‘Spud’ thing to happen in your life?

Quite a lot of things probably, but the only memory I have not suppressed, happened while on holiday. I am quite a shy person and find meeting new people quite scary.  On holiday, I decided I would try my best to chat with people I did not know. I sat down at a table and the chair broke, I fell to the ground.  I know I should have said “rubbish” like Dave does, but I think I said something much naughtier.

4.       Have you worked on similar projects?

I have worked on several television shows, most of which are for a younger audience (pre-school ages 3-5).  I have worked on a series with a similar style, but nothing similar in terms of content.  Dave Spud has to be one of the funniest and weirdest projects I have worked on!

5.       Where do you draw inspiration?

For Dave Spud, we look at a lot of 1970’s design. Many oranges, brown and weird dinners.  

6.       You worked on Sarah and Duck a pre-school and Dave Spud (6-11), what are the major differences between the age groups?

Children’s animated TV characters usually reflect the age of the target audience.  Pre-school shows are a lot cuter and the story lines are usually lesson based.  Series for 6-11-year-old’s will usually have more complicated story lines and a lot more fart jokes!


7.       Insiders scoop, something we should look out for in Dave Spud:

PARTY CHEESE HEDGEHOG! It appears in different forms throughout the series, so here's a few hints (I'll be very happy if you spot it):
Computer games

8. Have you always loved animation?

I guess so, but I never thought of it as a career until I was looking at university courses. 

I've always enjoyed animated shows and animated TV commercials were always something I'd look out for as a kid.

9.       Who is your favourite character and why?

Gran. She is very relatable to someone like myself.  I think she might be my spirit animal. 

10.        Quick Fire

Cheesy chips or a Battered sausage
Cheesy Chips.  Cheese AND potato! You cannot lose!

Starfish Gareth or dog Fuzzypeg



Donuts or Party hedgehog

Err; I think you know the answer.

Twin A or Twin B

Twin B... hang on, which one is which?

Holding Grans teeth or Underwear

Teeth for sure! I don't think I would want to be anywhere near Gran's pants!

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