MEET THE TEAM: Creator/Director Ed Foster

A quick interview with the Creator and Director of Dave Spud  


1. Describe Dave Spud in 3 words.

Staunch. Muppety. Family.

2. What was the inspiration behind Dave Spud? Do you take inspiration from your own life?

Giving the biggest adventure to the one who least expects it, to the one who isn’t holding up their hand or even looking. Giving it to them.  Hmm I would be a fibber if I said I didn’t!

3. Did you base any of the characters on people you know/or have met?

Er yes of course. You have been warned.

4. What is the most ‘Spud’ thing to happen in your life?

Being allowed to make this series, what were they thinking!

5. What is the hardest part of making Dave Spud?

Staying focused, I’m very easily distracted by snacks and reality TV and wanting go off for walk (preferably with snacks). 


6.  You worked on Little Princess pre-school audience and Dave Spud (6-11) what are the major differences between the age groups?

I felt more responsible to guide the younger viewers  – I’m hoping the older one’s poo less in their underpants and can handle freer approach to narrative, sound and editing.

7. Would you ever consider making a Dave Spud movie?

Sure if it has a killer idea and soundtrack and I get free big tub of pick n mix. A really big tub.  

8. Have you always loved animation?

Love is strong word, I reserve for ferrets, jumpers and thunderstorms, I like some animation.

9. What is your favourite animated film and your favourite animated series?


I like student and independent films the most as they are visually free and short. But I did like most of Song of the Sea, Red Turtle and Belle Vue Rendevous at the cinema.

As a kid I loved any series that wasn’t daft and had the courage to do an untidy ending  - so Dungeons and Dragons, Ulysses 31, Battle of the Planets.  The 1980’s stop motion Moomin series was also great, a little bit dark and had the best most addictive theme tune (It was my Childhood Twin Peaks).

Quick Fire

Cheesy chips or a Battered sausage?

Cheese on chips, that’s weird! Give me the Sausage.

Starfish Gareth or dog Fuzzypeg?

Stinky little Rat Dog with one eye.

Donuts or Party hedgehog?

Is it a custard doughnut? But I love a Party Hedgehog! This is the hardest question….

Twin A or Twin B?

Which one’s which? Don’t pretend you know either!

Holding Grans teeth or Underwear

Big hairy knickers to you as well.